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Whether it’s your loved one snoring so loudly you can’t even hear your thoughts, or you struggle with it yourself, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of ways to solve it. Sleep devices often cost extortionate amount of money and usually aren’t very comfy either. But we believe that you shouldn’t settle for less. Sleep apnea for many is a serious problem and shortage of breath related to snoring are proven to lead to other, more severe, health issues. However, affordable sleep apnea machines can be loud and uncomfortable, turning the intimate bedroom area into a hospital. So while many just decide to bear through, their loved ones suffer from shortage of sleep, which on its own can cause high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, infertility and weight gain. Sleep Connection is here to break that cycle, and allow you and your partner alike to have a pleasant night time rest.

Simple to use and comfortable to wear, Sleep Connection will prevent you from snoring without any intrusion. It is an affordable, easy solution to seemingly unsolvable problem.

What makes Sleep Connection so special?

Unlike many sleep devices that tackle just the symptoms, in an often very uncomfortable way, Sleep Connection treats your snoring in a simply yet completely non-intrusively. Have you ever noticed that only by hearing yourself snore you are able to stop yourself? Well, Sleep Connection allows you to do that without interrupting your sleep. At bed time, put it on your wrist, turn it on and for the next 8 hours whenever device’s unique biosensor detects you snoring, it will issue a bio-electric pulse which won’t wake you up, but will let your brain know that it’s time to switch to a more comfortable position and stop snoring. Don’t worry, because Sleep Connection is completely inaudible and cannot be felt by anyone else but you. So both you and your partner can finally relax and enjoy intimacy without the fear of insomnia.

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